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Legislative Update 2/14/2020

SF0108 - Public Employee Retirement

This bill would change the age of retirement from 60 to 67 in Tier I and 65 to 67 in Tier II. It would also change the Rule of 85 to 90 for both Tier I and Tier II.



* Contribution increases

* Leaving (Tier I) age 60 and Rule of 85 as is to retain employees

* Leaving (Tier II) age 65 and Rule of 85 as is to recruiting new employees


* Implementation of age 67 and Rule 9f 90. This will cause employers difficulty in retaining and/or recruiting employees.

WPEA Executive Director Betty Jo Beardsley testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee members. She thanked them and expressed appreciation for the employee contribution of 5.57% paid by the employer. This was given to employees many years ago instead of salary increases which is a valuable benefit to employees and a cost saving to the State of Wyoming. The retirement benefit helps retain and recruit quality employees.

HB0112 - Wyoming Retirement Plans - Adjustment

This bill provides for a single, immediate small benefit payment to current retirees. Several individuals including WPEA retired member Verna Kay Garcia and WPEA lobbyist retired member Connie Glassman testified before the House Appropriations Committee in favor of this bill. The bill is on hold until an amendment can be written for further consideration by the committee. It should be heard again next week.


HB0110 - Non-Recurring Retiree Inflation Adjustments

This bill is similar to HB0112 but has two payments to current retirees. The bill was introduced in the House and referred to the Revenue Committee but has not be heard there yet. 

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WPEA will attempt to provide a weekly update as staff time allows.