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Thank you to public workers who keep Wyoming running**

The Wyoming Legislature has been working virtually this past month, discussing bills critical to our state’s future. As we develop strategies to recover from the pandemic and address declining revenues, we must pause and reflect on the good work of our residents.


Thank you, public employees! Thank you, educators! Thank you, essential service providers! Thank you, frontline workers! We appreciate your hard work, dedication and sacrifice. We stand with you, and we will work to support you. Your above-and-beyond dedication to working during tough times is what keeps our state running.


Over the years, the state of Wyoming has made deep cuts to public sector jobs to combat boom-and-bust cycles, and now the aggravated revenue crisis. With consolidations across industries, Wyoming workers have been asked to do more with less, fewer resources, less support and no increase in pay.


The state of Wyoming employs slightly more than 8,000 people who provides essential services through our government agencies, from health care to Highway Patrol. When you include our K-12 education system, there are more than 30,000 jobs provided by the state. While our population has grown, the number of full-time, part-time and seasonal positions has decreased over the last 10 years, according to the State of Wyoming Executive Branch Workforce Report for fiscal year 2020. Our state workers are doing more with less.


We must value our public employees by providing them with resources to safely do their jobs, equity in pay, and access to affordable health-care and assurances that their retirement won’t be wiped away. By providing our public employees with appreciation and stability, we are able to build a more resilient future for Wyoming.


As Wyoming works toward solutions to our budget crisis, as Wyoming legislators, we say “thank you” to these essential workers and recognize the important work they do through the programs they support for our neighbors. Properly funding our state workers and essential programs will make a difference in the lives of our residents now, and for years to come. Say thank you to a public employee and essential worker in your community today!


Signed, Members of the Wyoming Democratic Caucus

Rep. Chad Banks,

House District 17, Rock Springs

Rep. Andi Clifford,

House District 33, Riverton

Rep. Cathy Connolly,

House District 13, Laramie

Rep. Karlee Provenza,

House District 45, Laramie

Rep. Andy Schwartz,

House District 23, Jackson

Rep. Trey Sherwood,

House District 14, Laramie

Rep. Mike Yin,

House District 16, Jackson

Sen. Mike Gierau,

Senate District 17, Jackson

Sen. Chris Rothfuss,

Senate District 9, Laramie

**Reprinted from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle Opinion Page February 17, 2021