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Our Exclusive Services

Work issues can come at you fast, and unexpectedly. Our staff can navigate and assist with situations to provide options for you.  With Wyoming Public Employees Association in your corner, you stand a fighting chance!

Confidential Advising

We can help by confidentially advising you of the rules, your rights  and how to respond in a safe, professonal manner. You don't have to feel like you are alone. 

Meeting Representation

As a Member you are entitled to have WPEA present in the meeting to represent and guide you through the process of the meeting.  


Empowerment and Education are one in the same! Find out more here.

Insurance, Perks and More!!

WPEA has many other services that help you along the way.  Go to the Benefits page for the listing.


Each year, we handle a large amount of formal and informal grievances, plus numerous other issues. Grievance assistance is similar to insurance: the value is not apparent until you really need it.

Legal Aid

WPEA Legal Team has the knowledge, and experience to provide legal aid in labor-related matters like Suspension without Pay, Intent to Dismiss and Job Termination. 


WPEA is proud to support and push for change throughout the legislative process that impacts our Members and all Wyoming State and LCSD #1 employees. WPEA registered staff lobbyists work year-round representing your issues.

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Common Issues Affecting WPEA Members

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New Supervision

The agency I work for is under new supervision or has been combined.  I went from being part of "the team" to feeling that I am being left out intentionally, What options do I have?  How do I protect my job? 

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