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WPEA - Poltical Action Committe (PAC)

WPEA/PAC is an optional Member participation program which supports Candidates who are supportive of Public Employees Issues. Only WPEA/PAC Member donations are used to support endorsed candidates seeking the five Elected Offices, Legislative seats, and candidates to the Board of Trustees for Laramie County School District No 1.

WPEA Membership dues cannot be used for PAC endorsements. 

If you wish to become a PAC member,please enter an amount you would like to have deducted along with your WPEA dues. 

Legislative Session 2024

Legislative conference committees are meeting prior to the 2024 Legislative Budget Session. WPEA staff is either attending in person or viewing committee meetings online. 

WPEA will be posting information during the Budget Session on this website to keep our members informed regarding public employee issues. Stay tuned!

WPEA/PAC Gearing Up for 2024 Election


Members of the Political Action Committee will begin the process of interviewing candidates for political offices in the fall. Watch for information in The Reporter and here on the website as meetings are scheduled. 

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