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WPEA - Poltical Action Committe (PAC)

WPEA/PAC is an optional Member participation program which supports Candidates who are Supportive of Public Employees Issues. Only WPEA/PAC Member donations are used to support the Endorsed Candidates seeking the five Elected Offices, Legislative, and Board of Trustees Candidates for Laramie County School District No 1.

WPEA Membership dues cannot be used for any PAC endorsements. 

If you wish to become a PAC member,please enter an amount you would like to have deducted along with your WPEA dues. 


WPEA/PAC 2022 General Election Endorsements


Wyoming Governor

Mark Gordon (R) (Incumbent)


Wyoming State Auditor

Kristi Racines (R) (Incumbent)


Wyoming State Treasurer

Curt Meier (R) (Incumbent)


Albany County

Chris Rothfuss (D) (Incumbent) – Senate District 09

Trey Sherwood (D) (Incumbent) - House District 14

Karlee Provenza (D) (Incumbent) - House District 45

Carbon County

Donald Burkhart (R) (Incumbent) - House District 15

Fremont County

Cale Case (R) (Incumbent) – Senate 25

Andi LeBeau (D) (Incumbent) - House District 33

 Lloyd Larsen (R) (Incumbent) - House District 54

Laramie County

Ted Hanlon  – Senate District 05

Stephan Pappas (Incumbent) (R) – Senate District 07

Bob Nicholas (Incumbent) (R) – House District 07

Dave Zwonitzer (R) - House District 08

Landon Brown (R) (Incumbent) - House District 09

John Eklund (R) (Incumbent) - House District 10

Marguerite Herman (D) - House District 11

Bill Henderson (R) (Incumbent) - House District 41

Dan Zwonitzer (R) (Incumbent) - House District 43

Sara Burlingame (D) - House District 44


Natrona County

 Bill Landen (R) (Incumbent) – Senate 27

Steve Harshman (R) (Incumbent) - House District 37

Robert Johnson (D) - House District 57

Park County

David Northrup (R) - House District 25


Sweetwater County

Chad Banks (D) - House District 17

Teton County

Michael “Mike” Gierau (D) (Incumbent) – Senate District 17

Mike Yin (Incumbent) (D) - House District 16

Liz Storer (D) - House District 23

Uinta County

Wendy Davis Schuler (R) (Incumbent) – Senate District 15

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