Politics is WPEA business because state officials and the legislature control decisions affecting public employee pay, retirement, salary distributions, health insurance, job security and working conditions.  It is YOUR business because political decisions affect your standard of living and the future of your families. You can affect political outcomes by being involved in WPEA's political arm.


WPEA's political arm is called the WPEA/PAC, or Political Action Committee and was created in 1974.  WPEA members can voluntarily contribute to WPEA/PAC where the resources are used to support the election of candidates favorable to Public Employee interests.


 We only make endorsements in five statewide Wyoming elected offices, legislative seats  and the Laramie County School District Number 1 School Board races,  We are strictly nonpartisan and we endorse candidates who understand our issues as school district and state government employees. 



Under our rules, the WPEA/PAC normally only makes endorsements during the general elections.  There are some circumstances when a primary will likely decide the general election result; in that case, we may endorse in the Primary on those races.


PAC members interview the candidates with questions based on the particular office for which they are running. PAC members draft the candidate interview questions themselves.  The three-to-five member interview teams make recommendations for or against endorsement based on the candidate's responses. Their responses are noted and the committee members discuss attitudes and reactions to the questions.  We are more interested in the conversation and education that takes place at both ends of a genuine discussion.  In fact, we will generally only endorse candidates who sit down with our members for in-person interviews. 


Following the interviews, PAC members are presented with the recommendations and vote for or against the endorsements.  As a WPEA member and public employee, it is paramount that you have information you need to vote in accordance with your interests and values.  These endorsements are made by your fellow co-workers to help you recognize candidates who support you.

We frequently invite candidates, endorsed or not, to come in to speak at our various meetings, because we are interested in a better understanding of our members and the critical role they play in carrying out government and school district policies.  As a nonpartisan organization, our members come from all sides of the political spectrum.  One never knows from where a good idea will come. 


Membership in our PAC is voluntary.  We encourage our association members to participate in the WPEA/PAC program.  WPEA members can join for a contribution for as little as one dollar ($1.00) a  month.  This enables them to have full participation in all PAC activities, to be a county voting delegate, to have a voice on how the PAC is governed, a role in writing the questions, and conducting candidate interviews in the member's area.

Vote for your future! Your VOTE is your voice!!


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