Your Wyoming Public Employees Association Lobbying for You

Our political activities take place year round -- not just during legislative sessions.  Several joint and interim committees meet throughout the year. We also attend and testify before the the Compensation Commission and Wyoming Retirement System Board  meetings around the state.  However, our most effective political action takes place during elections when our members educate and interview candidates. We endorse those that support Public Employees and we can contribute to their elections only through our Political Action Committee.  Please consider contributing.



Legislative Brief

The Legislature appropriated $1.8 million to adjust the pay tables.  This funded a 2.5% External Cost Adjustment (raise) for most state employees. For more details,  check with your agency HR office.

Approved K-12 funding is an $18 million block grant to provide an external cost adjustment for school employees which is dispersed statewide to all school districts.

Thank You!

The WPEA lobbyists would like to thank all the legislators who supported public employees by voting for their issues, protecting their benefits and for taking time from the busy schedule during this Legislative Session to visit with the WPEA lobbyists. 


A special thank you to Ken Decaria who contracted with WPEA as a lobbyist for this Session and was invaluable in our lobbying effort. Finally, a special thanks to all the WPEA members who attended the Legislative Reception sponsored by the Wyoming Education Association (WEA) and the WPEA. Our attendance was exceptional and your interaction with our guest Legislators represented our values well.

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