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Major Benefits are Legislative Representation, Grievance Representation, Contract Negotiations, and Political Action.


We also offer free insurance with membership and make optional insurance more affordable.




Researching, drafting and lobbying legislation is a year-round activity. Legislative representation is a broader field than many people initially think because it includes constant work with the Governor’s office and key divisions within A&I (Personnel, Budget, Research, and Statistics) and other departments, as well as legislators, state boards and commissions.  Retired and worried about your pension?  We don't stop working for you; our advocacy works to protect retired members.  You can also voluntarily contribute and participate in WPEA's Political Action Committee (PAC) to endorse and contribute to state candidates that support public employees. We keep you up to date with Legislative Alerts, The 3 Minute News, and our newsletter,  "The Reporter" (click for a sample issue).



The WPEA functions as the bargaining agent for the Technical Support Services, Nutrition Services and Custodial units of Laramie County School District #1 through a process called Interest Based Negotiations (IBN). The WPEA also makes recommendations regarding changes to the State Personnel Rules on a periodic basis. Since Wyoming public employees do not have the right to collectively bargain, success in these negotiations is dependent upon membership size and commitment.



The WPEA stands ready to provide assistance and legal aid to individual members in labor-related matters consistent with WPEA Board policy. Most workers do not have the knowledge, experience, time, or money to pursue a grievance adequately. WPEA is there to "go to bat" for members, complete with one of the finest legal counsels available, without cost to members. Each year the Association handles dozens of formal and informal grievances, plus numerous less serious problems. Grievance assistance is similar to insurance: the value is not apparent until you really need it.



The WPEA offers several insurance programs to its members through payroll deduction. Insurance programs offered through the  WPEA must be endorsed by the Board of Directors, and the number and type of programs available vary from time to time. A $3000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) policy is provided free as a benefit of membership.  The current optional member-paid programs are available: Life Insurance Company of North America (A Cigna Company) -AD&D –coverage from $25,000 to $250,000 for member and spouse and $25,000 for child(ren). Cost per month for each $25,000 of insurance is $0.03 for an individual, $0.03 for each $5,000 in insurance for your spouse, and $0.83 to cover your child(ren) for $25,000.


Delta Dental is available to all WPEA members. Benefits include a wide range of preventive and diagnostic services as well as basic and major procedures. Some service exclusions apply. Plan details are available upon request. Premium rates are as follows: Employee Only ($38.95/month), Employee + One ($79.30/month), and Employee & Family ($124.85/month). Contact the WPEA office at 635-7901 for more information regarding any benefits.


VSP Eyecare Insurance is available to all WPEA members. The VSP program is very similar to Delta Dental in its operation and covers eye exams, lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Details on coverage, copays, and benefit periods, etc are available upon request. The premium schedule is as follows: Member Only ($8.68/month), Member + One Dependent ($12.53/month), and Member + Family ($22.46/month). 


The WPEA offers members the ability to become members of LEGAL SHIELD. The benefits of becoming a member of LEGAL SHIELD and subsidiaries include unlimited telephone consultations for personal or business questions, legal document review, will preparation, representation for moving traffic violations, IRS Audit Legal Services, and a 25% discount for non-covered legal services. The current cost is $15.95 per month for 24/7 coverage with payroll deduction available.



WPEA also provides Identity Theft Shield to our programs through LEGAL SHIELD.  In case you ever face identity theft, this program provides credit reporting, constant monitoring, and restoration of the member's identity as it was prior to the theft (most programs focus only on your credit report).  Five covered parts are: Driver's License, Social Security Number, Character,  Medical Identity and  Credit Card/Financial  The cost is $12.95 per month for you and your spouse, but if you also have the Prepaid Legal Plan, together they cost $25.90 (that's only $9.95 for the ITS).  This service is provided through the international leader in risk management, Kroll Background America. For more details, please contact WPEA staff members at the Cheyenne, Wyoming office. 


All members can sign-up PerksConnect (click for details)  a program that can save you thousands of dollars on dining, travel, entertainment, shopping and gift cards.  WPEA has a separate website for signup and tracking offers.  You can also access more savings through Cash Rebates Mall at 1,100 stores and online retailers like Target, Sears, Macy's and Best Buy.  They will send you cash back without points, fees or mail-in forms, once you complete account setup.




Please note: We have made every effort to post the current rates and benefit offerings.  These, however, are subject to change by the companies that make available these services, or by our Board of Directors that approve our benefits offerings. 

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